Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Painting by Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova)

Paintings for brain

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Optimist - Artist - Pessimist Ordinary - Talent - Genius Journey of brain In front of the TV (Family portrait) What's happening in this world?! Range of vision (Кругозор) The Halo (Reach The Light) Crash (epidemic) Premonition of Munch (Portrait of the XX century) Pan-man Shark-shoe Best home Macho. The average man. A man and a naked woman Life on Earth Crowd Way Puzzle Gravity Thinker Threat Grid (Sight) Exit - no exit pink glasses Move Continents Foreigners Candle Two worlds Vapid conversation social network Koturmort Котюрморт-2 mother Artist's window Leave the room I am… Fools Auction of contemporary art Puzzle Attention

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New York Paris. France Moscow Venice Other hazards. Be careful! Australia Peter (St. Petersburg)

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Artists of the past, from rebirth to post-impressionists, learned how to convey form, color, volume, movement. Or illustrated Bible, myths, legends.
Akrolesta convey a thought or an emotion.
Akrolesta formulates a multi-layered, multi-level idea, as a good poem, as a philosophical argument, as a Socratic question.
Alex Farnese (Akrolesta’s SmartArt. Sig.ma. 2 April 2019)