Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Painting by Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova)

From SmartArt collection

(Paintings for smart people)

Journey of brain Move Attention What's happening in this world?! Exit - no exit Range of vision (Кругозор) The Halo (Reach The Light) Continents Leave the room Macho. The average man. A man and a naked woman Fools Pan-man Premonition of Munch (Portrait of the XX century) Threat Life on Earth Grid (Sight) Crowd Way Puzzle Puzzle pink glasses Shark-shoe Best home Artist's window mother Candle Two worlds In front of the TV (Family portrait) Vapid conversation Koturmort Котюрморт-2 social network Crash (epidemic) I am… Auction of contemporary art Optimist - Artist - Pessimist Ordinary - Talent - Genius Freedom

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Artists of the past, from rebirth to post-impressionists, learned how to convey form, color, volume, movement. Or illustrated Bible, myths, legends.
Akrolesta convey a thought or an emotion.
Akrolesta formulates a multi-layered, multi-level idea, as a good poem, as a philosophical argument, as a Socratic question.
Alex Farnese (Akrolesta’s SmartArt. Sig.ma. 2 April 2019)