Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Exit - no exit

Exit - no exit

Oil, canvas, 50x50. 2018

When the "exit" is not an option. You can go out of the window, but this is not a solution.

Impasse of feminism. Magazine "Cosmo lady". Ukraine. Feb 2019. pp 100-103. (Illustration)
Feminism in the work of artist Akrolesta. Above Art Magazine. 06 Feb 2019. (Illustration)
Akrolesta’s SmartArt. Sig.ma. 2 April 2019 (Illustration)
Akrolesta’s feminism. Sig.ma. 04 July 2019 (Illustration)
Feminism on canvas. Homsk media. 21 August 2019 (Illustration)
Art for the mind. Discours magazine. 08 January 2020 (Illustration)

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1000 EUR