Auction of contemporary art

Auction of contemporary art

Canvas, frame, enamel. 32,5x32,5cm. 2019

Painting and object.

It's not what it seems. Gold is not gold. A picture is not a picture. An object is not an object. Painting is not painting. A dollar is not a dollar.

Interview with the artist Akrolesta. Above Art Magazine. 29 March 2019 (Illustration)
Mirror of the world. Culture and art. 01 June 2019 (Illustration)
Reflections of the artist. Homsk media. 29 June 2019 (Illustration)
Reflections of the world. 28 July 2019 (Illustration)
Mirror for the viewer. 18 August 2019 (Illustration)





Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova



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