Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova



Oil, canvas, 50x40. 2018

New technologies are neutral. But they can become both Evil and Good, depending on who will use them. An ax in the hands of a builder is a tool for building a house. The ax in the hands of Raskolnikov is a murder weapon. Passengers can be put into an airplane created by an ingenious aircraft designer, but bombs can also be placed. You can evacuate people from the danger zone, or you can drop troops on the heads of civilians. Artificial intelligence and digital technologies can help people and make their life easier, or they can turn into total control of Big Brother and a digital prison.

Drones become an indispensable friend,
They help you when you are out of hands.
It’s an amazing toy and helpful invention,
It‘s actions depend on your goals and intentions.
This new mechanism is full of surprises
Technology grows and responsibilities rise.

Personal exhibition "SmartArt". 2021. Lithuania. EU.

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900 EUR