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SmartArt collection JazzArt collection Small stories Without canvas. Objects Pseudo hieroglyphs Art-riddles NewArt collection (LightArt) RelaxArt collection

If you want to purchase a painting, drawing, graphic work, caricature, sculpture, book or art object by artist Akrolesta, write to akrolesta@gmail.com


Concepts of exhibitions City projects From World Of Women collection

Akrolesta's Gallery

Free materials for holding an exhibition or an education.Free materials for holding an exhibition or an education.

Media Art (Short films)Media Art (Short films)

booksMy books

Art project I'm from EarthArt project I"m from Earth


About artist Tatiana Sokolova (Akrolesta)About

The Akrolesta's speechThe Akrolesta's speech

Criticism and Press. Критика и прессаPress

CV. The Akrolesta's BiographyThe Akrolesta’s Mythology


Art Game by Akrolesta posters

A gifts for museumsA gifts for museums and exhibitions

Painting in the interiorPainting in the interior

Catalogs of paintings. (Free download)Catalogs of paintings. (Free download)

Akrolesta's lectures, seminars, workshopsAkrolesta’s lectures, seminars, workshops


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