Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Painting by Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova)

From RelaxArt collection

(Paintings for relaxation and enjoyment)
(Including abstraction with an object. New direction of modern painting.)

Bright joyful painting for the interior

The wave of colour Space Spirit of cosiness Reflection Lion Gull Avatar Orangland Cat Lilac mood Home Owl Wave (Surfing) cap-cap-cap Fox and owl. Bright joyful painting for the interior Winter Mountains Dolphin jumps out of a bright background. On the edge of the world Eyes of an animal Childhood mosaic cat Umbrella Flower salute Feather Above eternity Nautical lace Lion Night Summer time Starry Christmas Night dog Indian cat Golden lotuses Golden Dragon Golden cat Carnival Golf. Oil on canvas Other worlds Winter city Golf Radiance golf Mermaid Eye winter story Firework portret