Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Painting by Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova)

From LightArt collection

(New style in contemporary art)
(True figurative abstraction - Combining incompatible)

Mind doors Vanishing landscape Gray misty landscape Fire ghosts A boat Ghost city Eye of the sky Empyrean Illusion of the sea Ghost forest Candle Above Flower salute Dancing Sunrise Ghost landscape

About LightArt collection

Light Art focuses on color solutions. It is a sensation, a premonition. The object is not yet there, but it is already felt, guessed.
Imagine the feeling that a gourmet has before tasting a dish.
Lightart is a premonition, when the image has not yet manifested. Like stains on photo paper during the development process, as something that pops up in memory, like the outlines of a landscape at dusk, in a fog ...
The image appears through the paint on the canvas. As if against the will of the artist.
These are paintings-sensations, paintings-presentiments, paintings-memories.