Vanishing landscape

Vanishing landscape

Oil, canvas, 50x70cm. 2018

Painting from the collection of Light Art

The focus in Light Art is not on details and lines, but on color solutions. The artist does not try to convey the impression of the image, landscape, movement, but conveys sensations, a premonition of something - a landscape, an idea, an object.

Light Art is paintings-sensations, pictures-presentiments, pictures-memories.

Light Art is the feeling that a gourmet has before it starts tasting a dish, or the feeling of a traveler, when right now, around the bend, something that he long and passionately wanted and waited for will arise.

Light Art - this is a premonition - this is when the image has not yet manifested. Like stains on photo paper during the development process, as something that pops up in memory, like the outlines of a landscape at dusk, in a fog ...

Light Art is when the object is not yet there, but it is already felt, guessed.


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