Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Press about artist Akrolesta (Tatyana Sokolova)

Press about artist Akrolesta (Tatyana Sokolova)

Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova) is an artist who has created her own unique ironic, intellectual, sensual style.
(Cosmo lady magazine)

In search of meaning
Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova) is a beautiful woman with a clear analytical mindset.
Her paintings are a mixture of Duchamp"s cold mind, Pollock"s explosive expressionism and Manzoni"s irony, seasoned with Picabia"s ingenuity and Dali"s fantasy. The result is a unique dish.
Acrolest"s talent would be more than enough for several people. In her work there is a place not only for paintings and graphics, but also for sculptures, objects, scenarios, stories, novels, fairy tales, land art, public art, performances, happenings, designs and even caricatures.
Akrolesta’s works are laconic, symbolic and ironic. In her work, thoughts and feelings are always primary, and the techniques, materials, and means of implementing an idea are always “adjusted” to the artist’s plan.
(Above Art Magazine)

Visualization of the invisible
Tatiana Sokolova mixes pithiness of posters, irony of caricature and philosophy of academic painting. She visualizes a new language of the 21th century, a language of symbols.
(Cosmo lady magazine)

The ironic paintings of Tatyana Sokolova
Tatyana Sokolova"s irony is very soft and international. Philosophical and a little provocative. Most of the time it is self-irony.
Tatiana invites us to look at ourselves slightly mocking, but without malice.
A real artist allowed to provocate and splash everyone a little bit with his paints.”

Paintings-aphorisms - talking pictures of Tatyana Sokolova
“Art-aphorisms balance on the verge of caricature and poster, religious symbol and trademark, replace parables and anecdotes, visually embody what otherwise would require a lot of words, instead of one art object.
This "eloquent silence" of the artist can replace one book image with one image. This is the true value of paintings-aphorisms.
The thought, compressed to the size of the canvas, is imprinted in the memory of the viewer.
It is thought, idea, and not technical perfection that creates the world.
It is the pictures-aphorisms that are known in Russia, Europe and the USA by contemporary artist Tatyana Sokolova.”

SmartArt: Brain Fashion
“In the modern world, the fashion for "smart pictures" is gaining strength. From the artists of the 21st century it is represented, for example, by artist Tatyana Sokolova.
Smart pictures not only analyze modern trends and emphasize current issues, but also allow you to train your mind.
These pictures are not for admiration, not for beauty. They are for understanding. They contain a thought, a message. Their task is to focus the viewer"s attention on some problem, aspect of life. And invite to think about it.
SmartArt-artists sometimes balance on the verge of caricature and grotesque, but their pictures are much deeper and more multidimensional. SmartArt-pictures reveal the essence of a person and his relationship with the world around him.”

Feminism in the work of artist Akrolesta
Akrolesta’s oeuvre is a new feminism. Without anguish, without evidence, "I am not worse than men." It is completely different. Her feminism is a dialogue, an invitation to calm conversation and reflection. Somewhat ironic, some philosophical. But on an equal footing. Not bottom-up or top-down. And this position, oddly enough, is rather unusual both for many men and for many women.
Akrolesta’s works are not about the opposition of the sexes. They are about the essence. About good and evil. In order to convey to the viewer thoughts about the world in general and feminism in particular, Akrolesta easily invents new styles and switches from one artistic language to another. She easily creates several collections that are completely different in technique, style and meaning.
(Above Art Magazine)


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Television interview with Akrolesta

Retrospective of Akrolesta
Retrospective of Akrolesta

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Fragment of an interview from the exhibition
Fragment of an interview from the exhibition


Woman's Era Magazine. Visualization invisible
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Interview with Akrolesta

In search of meaning

Visualization of the invisible

Visualization of the invisible (PDF)

Akrolesta - symbols and allegories
in the art of the 21st century

A Critique by Carl Anthony Straus (USA)

A Critique by Carl Anthony Straus (USA). PART 2

In Russian

Интервью для Дельфи

Визуализация невидимого (текст, html)

Визуализация невидимого (PDF)

Феминизм в творчестве художницы Акролесты

Мир женщины
ЛайтАрт Акролесты

История живописи в картинах Акролесты
История живописи в картинах Акролесты

Акролеста - символы и аллегории...
Акролеста - символы и аллегории...

Феминизм в творчестве художницы Акролесты

SmartArt: мода на мозги

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В поисках смысла
Интервью для Above Art Magazine

Интервью для
Above Art Magazine

Акролеста - символы и аллегории
в искусстве 21-го века

Мир женщины
Мир женщины в картинах Акролесты

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