Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova


(The name of the hieroglyph appears when you hover cursor)
From Pseudo-Hieroglyphs collection

(Paper or canvas, ink or acrylicic, original or print)


Loneliness Romance Romance, love Dispute Embarrassment. Friendship. Love. First date. Admirer. Snake. Chagrin. Sadness. Yearning. Chagrin. Reflections. Thinker. Rodin


Family Family with dog family Family with a stroller


Hieroglyph gadgets Selfie Watch the screen Selfie Selfie Hieroglyph Photographer


woman pretty woman Marilyn Monroe girl Teenager Girl-bird Girl in dress Girl. Meditation pretty woman Flamenco dancer


Golf Golf 2 Golf Golf 4 golfer Golf 5 golfer Golfer 3 golf hieroglyph 1 Golf hieroglyph 2 Golfer on the field Golfer on the course Golfer winner

Human relationships

In the cafe Boss Worship. Cult Sex Watch TV Under the moon Couple Quarrel parting, farewell Couple hieroglyph Couple. Invitation to dance Couple dance Communication in private on the bench Present, gift Together


Motherhood Motherhood, newborn Child and parent Pregnancy Mother and child

Other pseudo hieroglyphs

Man Game Jug and apples Walking man Meditation Monk Vase with roses Dancing man Wind Monarch, king Jug and fruit Bathers Road, divarication Flying man. Above the city Bathers and spray Walk the dog Prayer Diamond The Dragon


Sailing. Yachting Partner dance Basketball Latin American dances Discus thrower football player Body-builder Fitness. Aerobics. Dance Sport Auto racing


A boat. Kayak. Canoe Road to the sun Suitcase. Sun umbrella. A trip to the sea.Adventures and impressions Paris. France France Airlines. Flight by plane. Climber and balloon. On the edge of the world


These images mimic the Chinese, Japanese or Egyptian hieroglyphs. Pseudo, because it is an imitation. There are no such signs in hieroglyphics.
In fact, we are surrounded by pseudo-hieroglyphs. On the hood of the Opel, and on the Nike"s shirt is a symbol that looks like a hieroglyph. Only in business is it called a trademark.
I invent hieroglyphs for emotions, relationships between people, art.
We live in a high-tech, fast-paced world of high speeds. Everything changes so quickly.
Sometimes it is enough two or three lines to express your thought.