Originals of works from the collection "Pseudo-hieroglyphs"

Souvenir autographed by Akrolesta.

You can purchase a souvenir autographed by the artist Akrolesta.

For this:

  1. Choose a souvenir and write a letter of your desire to the e-mail: akrolesta@gmail.com with the number of the souvenir.

  2. Please include your post address in the letter.

  3. In a reply letter you will receive payment details.

  4. After receipt of payment, your souvenir with signed by Akrolesta will be sent to your post address.

Originals of works from the collection "Pseudo-hieroglyphs". All works exist in a single copy.

A4 format = 65 euros / pc. + 5 euros for delivery.

Types of souvenirs: