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Painting by Akrolesta (Tatiana Sokolova)

From JazzArt collection

(JazzArt this is painting-improvisation on the themes of recognized masters. Tribute (respect, hommage) to the great artists and not only.))

The conversation between Kazimir Malevich and Vasily Kandinsky near the Eiffel Tower Impressionists rest in haystacks Portrait of Salvador Dali Portrait of Marcel Duchamp Portrait of Rene Magritte Portrait of Andy Warhol in full growth A fragment of the painting of Margaret Keane in an abandoned city Portrait of the Hat of John Anthony Baldessari Yoko-gamma. One second before John Lennon's meeting with Yoko Ono Portrait of Vincent Willem van Gogh in sunflowers Apogee of kitsch Pacifik The premonition of Munch (Portrait of the XX century) Piero Manzoni gives a message from Joseph Beuys to Andy Warhol In the Peter Paul Rubens's workshop Banner of Kusama Marc Chagall's violin. Tatiana Sokolova - artist Paul Gauguin's girls in the gardens of Henri Rousseau Apogee of kitsch Funny Piet Mondrian after holiday Worlds by Erik Bulatov (Freedom) Apogee of Cubism Apogee of Cubism (gold)


(Guess the picture of a famous artist)


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JazzArt collection

About JazzArt collection

From the interview

How would the heroes of Jazz-Art paintings react?

Would have fun. They are smart people.
Duchamp, I suppose, would exchange my picture for a bottle of Rrose Selavy's perfume, but would do it at a German plumbing shop.
Dali would immediately draw something on his portrait.
Manzoni, of course, would hand me a balloon with the artist's breath.
Warhol would immediately suggest a joint exhibition.
Joseph Beuys would give a shovel and tell him to plant oak for his project ... but he would not notice the painting.
Rubens would grinned and offered to pose.
Magritte would invite for tea.
The Impressionists would flirt.
As for Baldessari and Keane, they already wished me luck in my art journey.
Kandinsky would be invited to the Bauhaus, and Malevich would have started to discuss the square. Is it black enough?
Chagall would tell me fairy-tales of Vitebsk.
Mondrian would begin to ardently discuss the inadmissibility of curving lines, even in a state of hangover.
The reaction of Gauguin and van Gogh cannot be predicted. However, I believe that they would be gentlemen.
By the way, there are "Paintings in line" - everything is described quite accurately there. As all this did not happen in reality.




Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova


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