Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

The touch of childhood
Visiting an inner child

(The concept of the exhibition)

The exhibition will allow visitors to get in touch with their "inner child", touch their childhood and the concept of childhood in general.
A time when rigid, "reinforced" frames of "can" and "not", "bad" and "good", "important" and "not important" are not yet around the person.
The time when the surrounding world is interesting in any of its manifestations.
The time when a person commits first discoveries and gets the first injuries.
An exhibition about how the walls are built and how the unique personality that can overcome these walls develops.
An exhibition about how wings grow and how they are cut.
The exhibition is about fragility and weakness, about stiffness and hardness. About the intervention of an adult rational world in the children"s irrational world.

The exhibition is an interactive space filled with visual, tactile and other sensations "from childhood". This gives the viewer literally "touch" childhood, "feel" childhood, being in the "adult" and "strict" museum space.

The exhibition occupies 5 rooms

Hall of birth

The walls of the hall are covered with bright multicolored large spots. Under the feet of visitors, the floor is uneven. In the floor are built unstructured objects, reminiscent of a pillar, corner, fence. They stagger along with the floor.

Best home

Games hall

The hall is filled with children"s toys and children"s games. Real and increased in size.
The walls and floor are partially covered with huge canvases. Everywhere there are a variety of means for drawing. From oil paints to crayons and pencils. And even non-standard means - dirt, jelly, milk, tea, sand, cereals, flour, etc. Visitors can take all this, play, draw. The result of the exhibition is their picture. But this is not stated explicitly.




Hall of Knowledge

Optical, tactile, auditory and tactile impressions and illusions, allowing to know and to know the world. Scientific and educational ready-mades.
Everything can be touched, used.


Above eternity

Hall of Punishment

Switches and light bulbs. Shelves with objects. As soon as a visitor tries to click the switch or touch, approach the object, a shout comes from the speaker and tells to stop messing, put it on a place, do not touch, do not click, stand still ...
Hanging belts hang on the wall.
Broken - sculptures of children made from broken toys. Pretty fragile. The visitor can accidentally break the sculpture even with a slight touch ( break the child by his action in the punishment hall).

A fragment of the painting of Margaret Keane in an abandoned city

Grid (Sight)

Analysis and solutions hall

In the hall are plastic large parts and colored transparent panels. Of these parts, you can create your own world, your neverland, a peaceful place, your ideal home.

Eye of the sky