Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Darkness disappears where people light the light.

Short film 3 (Happening, Media Art)


At the entrance to the auditorium, spectators are given dark glasses (usual, from the sun) and flashlights.
Spectators, out of habit, take sunglasses as glasses to view 3D movies.
In the hall the light goes out and documentary black-and-white shots begin to flash on the screen. At the same time, the brightness of the screen is minimal. Those. viewers do not see almost anything and are in almost total darkness. Even emergency lighting should be turned off.
And since the audience, of course, put on dark glasses, they only increased the darkness.
At the beginning of the film, the sound is not very loud, but gradually increases to a high volume, unpleasant for the viewer.
At the same time, on the sound track there are cries of horror, pleas, complaints and other sounds accompanying human tragedies and catastrophes. People say, shout and cry in different languages. Independent tracks from each other sound simultaneously.
And all this is loud, and in complete darkness.
Perhaps the audience will whistle, resent, scream.
The screen, the hall and the sound do not react at all.
And so, one of the viewers guesses to light a flashlight. Perhaps to leave the hall.
At this moment, the sound should become quieter. It"s much quieter.
If no one lights the flashlight, the sound gradually returns to the previous volume.
If the audience starts to light the flashlights. That the sound decreases. Finally, a significant part of the hall lights the flashlights.
At this moment, a weak light appears in the hall, and on the screen, in complete silence, appears an inscription.


(To create this inscription, need a second projector with one slide.)
The light in the hall gradually becomes brighter.