Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Short film 4

The words appear on the screen:

Dedicated to Piero Manzoni, John Baldessari, Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp, George Maciunas and John Cage

Ulay"s reincarnation

A gallery room appears on the screen. With white walls, white ceiling, gray floor. "White cube".

Inside the gallery, separated from the audience by glass, there is a big and tall white parallelepiped, a pedestal.

On this pedestal lies an old gray-haired man, covered with a white blanket. The head of a man lies on a white pillow.

People take turns coming to a man.

An old woman in dark clothes comes in and talks quietly about something with an old man.

Then the nurse comes in a white coat and measures the pulse and pressure.

Then a doctor in a white coat comes up and says something to an old man lying there.

Then the old nurse comes in a white coat and brings an urinal.

The camera takes all this from one point. The camera is located between the pedestal and glass for the viewer.

On the pedestal hangs a sign - "The death of the artist." The camera focuses on the sign.

The camera focuses on the glass, behind which the spectators stand and walk. The glass is slightly reflected a pedestal with the old man lying on it.

All this is rather slow and even very slow.

The camera reluctantly returns to the pedestal and freezes.

The old man lies still. Only breathing.

This goes on for a long time. And it gets boring.

Then the old man sits on a pedestal, throwing off the blanket. He is wearing a white nightgown.

The old man turns his back to the audience and descends the steps from the pedestal. The steps are not visible to the viewer. They are located behind the pedestal.

Then the old man bends over the pedestal, gropes for a sign that says "Artist"s Death" and turns it over. The camera takes a plate and a pedestal close-up. The inscription on the plate is now different - “Sorry. I changed my mind".

The camera takes a overall plan and we see the back of an old man leaving the gallery.

The camera focuses on the glass with the audience. The glass reflects the pedestal with a new inscription.

Viewers continue to look at the pedestal or pass by, as before.

It lasts for a while, after which the film"s captions appear.