Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Short film


The film is in one shot. Without mounting. There is no sound completely.

Unremarkable everyday landscape. Grey sky, green grass, fields and copes. General shooting.
The camera moves as if away from the landscape. It looks like a viewer is looking at the rear window of the car.
Camera shows rivulet, birch, hillock, a trickle of smoke. Then it presses
almost to the grass under the bench. Two old wooden posts and a board of the bench.
In the frame are cigarette butts, trampled earth, a gust of wind periodically brings gray smoke.
The camera turns slightly, and shows the shoes. The cheap, ordinary, dusty and worn out shoes with a fly on them.
The camera starts to creep up.
It lingers on the edge of the sock and ankle. A mosquito has sat on a naked part of an ankle. It is drunk with blood. The man doesn’t move. There is no any reaction like he is feeling nothing.
The camera crawls up.
The frame moves on peppery men"s trousers.
When the camera rises higher, we understand that the person sitting on the bench smokes and looks at the landscape from which the first shot.
The man is dressed in all monophonic gray, faded, unattractive, crushed, dusty clothes.
The camera does not look into the person"s face. It slides on it from the side and from behind. Camera slowly moves to the side. The man is still in the frame, so do the fire. The black rag is burning in the fire.
The camera rises higher and moves a little bit away. There is a small coppice behind a fire and a gray asphalt narrow road. The image slowly moves away. The man on the bench, in comparison with the rest of the landscape, turns into a little spot on a screen.
Titles appear. (Director, screenwriter, cameraman, etc.)
The camera goes even higher and a little back, not letting out of the frame of the person.
In the frame appears the fence of the prison. With gates, wire, buildings.
The name of the movie appears on the screen.
The camera slowly rises upwards.
A sound appears. Click. Two-second tuning of the analog radio. (During the representation of the movie in the cinema, at this moment in the auditorium turns on the light).
The end of Queen"s song "We Are the Champions" sounds
We are the champions
We are the champions
No time for losers
"Cause we are the champions
The screen turns off.