Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Short film 2


A Muslim prays in his apartment.
The viewer sees the entire process of prayer from beginning to end.
At this time, in the upper right corner of the screen there are movie titles (director, cameraman, etc).
The whole film, up to the last frames is filled with only natural sounds (walking, noise of cars, cities, etc).

The Muslim finished the prayer, rolled up the rug, went to the door, looked around the room for a long time, as if for the last time.
The room is poor, small, bachelor, but clean and ascetic.

The Muslim takes a black package, in which lies something voluminous. He leaves the apartment.

A Muslim walks down the street. The camera watches the black package. Those in the center of the frame is a packet. The rest is the background.

Gradually, the Muslim approaches the bus stop.
The man who stood at the bus stop, glanced sideways at the Muslim and walked away.

The bus drove up. The Muslim came and paid for the ticket.
Black package in the hands of a Muslim remains in the frame always.

There are a lot of people on the bus, but several places are not occupied.
On the front seat, the woman reads the book Tolerant World.
On the other row pastor is sitting. Nearby place is not occupied. But the pastor, pretending not to notice a Muslim, reads the bible and so leans toward an empty seat, that one can not sit on him without disturbing the pastor.
The Muslim walks on.
A woman next to whom there is an empty seat, demonstratively puts her big bag on it.
Next, the man reading newspaper with the title Terrorism.

The Muslim reaches the last row, where there are vacant seats.
As soon as he sits down, his neighbor gets up and moves away and transplanted himself to the pastor.
The Muslim pulls out the headphones and puts them on his head. He puts a black bag on his knees and holds it with both hands. He closes his eyes.

The bus stops.
A Muslim leaves the bus and enters a small shop.
Through the shop window you can see how the salesman waves his hands at him and points at the exit.
A Muslim walks out and walks down the street.
He goes to a vending machine and buys a bottle of mineral water in it.

A Muslim walks toward the building.
On the building there is an inscription - St. Mary"s Hospice.
The Muslim enters the building, passes through the lobby and opens the door with the inscription "only for the staff".
No one in the halls and corridors of the hospice pay any attention to the Muslim. As if he is not there.

The Muslim dresses in hospital uniforms and attaches to the badge form "Abdul Salim, St. Mary"s Hostel, cleaner".
The Muslim puts a black bag on the shelf of the sweeper. He turns on the cleaning machine and slowly moves down the corridor.
Through the windows of the wards it is evident that parents and relatives are standing and sitting near the beds of children.
A Muslim arrives at a chamber in which there is no one but a child. He takes a black bag and goes into the room.
Through the window of the ward you can see how the face of a bald 6 year old child turns to a Muslim. The boy has very pale white skin, with bruises under his eyes. He is European.
The Muslim takes out a box from the package and puts it on the blanket of the child.
Through the window you can see how he offers the child to open the box.
The child opens the box ... and takes out an orange hare, a large soft toy. The child presses the hare to himself and on his face, which was previously indifferent, a faint smile appears.
The Muslim removes the headphones from the neck, takes out the player, presses something on it and gives the headphones to the child. At this moment, music appears. (Mozart Symphony #40 K. 550 in G minor - first movement (Molto Allegro)).
A Muslim leaves the room, turns on the cleaning car. Now, to the music of Mozart, the noise of the car was added.
The camera stands still. The Muslim is removed.
When a Muslim turns out to be quite far from the camera, there is frame stops (freeze-frame) and the name of the movie appears ALIEN.
This inscription is huge. Full screen. The inscription turns the screen into a kind of lattice, and the hero of the film is behind the bars of the word "Alien".
The music and the noise of the car continue. The name of the movie remains on the screen for another 20 seconds.
The screen turns off.

(So you thought, when you read the sentence: "A Muslim takes a black package, in which lies something voluminous and leaves the apartment."?)