Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Celestial markers

Dedicated to Intellectual Ventures

Of the transparent two-layer polyethylene, several pipes are made.
The walls of the pipes are filled with helium. One end of the pipe is attached to the ground by a smoke machine. The second end is in the air and is moved by the wind.
The height of the pipes is 10-30m. The diameter can be different.
Smoke machines produce colored smoke.
Thus, each pipe stains the sky in one color.
Depending on the diameter of the pipe and the power of the smoke machine, a colored cloud creates a more or less bright, saturated pattern.
Helium gives the "brush" rigidity, the wind creates a "smear", and the smoke machine delivers the paint.
Colors are mixed, forming a colored cloud, a silent firework, an abstract drawing.
Thus, a work of art is created with the help of the wind.