Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

B&W-expression (concept of the exhibition)

In the hall there are cubic boxes, darkened from all sides and having one white translucent wall.

Opposite the white wall, outside the cube, a camera is fixed.

After the visitor enters the cube, bright light shines inside the cube , on the white wall a shadow of the visitor is formed. At the same time, with an interval of 1 second, the camera starts taking pictures of the screen and the shadows on it.

Cameras of different cubes have a different shutter speed and aperture, which allows you to create both sharper and less clear photos.

Inside and outside the cube is a light board with the number of the session. Cameras transfer photos to a printer. On each photo, the camera number (cube) and the session number are printed. Thus, the visitor can find a picture of the image that he created.

All images are broadcast to large screens (better in a separate hall) and remain on them for 5-10 seconds.

In the process of the exhibition, the best expressive works are printed in large format and exhibited in a separate hall.

Thus, everyone will be included in the creative process. Visitors will creat their own abstract expressionist work.