Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova



The concept of the exhibition


In the hall of any shape and size are placed large TVs.
If the TV has a screen, then it says "I THINK FOR YOU". White on black. In any type.
If the TV is old, a lamp, then you need to remove everything from it, leaving only the plastic case.
The TVs are turned to the walls, but are placed so as to interfere with the passage of spectators.
Opposite the TV sets on the floor, on cardboard chairs, armchairs and sofas, cardboard packaging boxes are placed from ordinary brown cardboard with dimensions from 30x30x30cm to 50x50x50cm. Boxes are many. There are a lot of chairs, sofas and armchairs. It is desirable that these "pedestals" were old, can be dusty or slightly stained, shabby. The objects that were in use.
All the boxes, on the side that is turned towards the TV, should be made with three holes, like the tops of an upside-down triangle. These holes mimic two eyes and a mouth. Two holes at the top are best done round. The lower opening may be rectangular, round or otherwise irregular in shape.
On the walls of this room, opposite the TV sets, there are reproductions of the painting "Family Portrait".
The picture will be provided in the form of an EPS file, which can be printed on any basis and any size: on canvas, on film. Photoprint or plotter. It is better to use different options. The picture is the same, and the sizes and carriers are different.
In front of the TV (Family portrait)


The form of the hall is square or rectangular. There should be no objects on the floor, including columns.
On the walls of this room are placed reproductions of one single painting "Dur-Shlak", printed on canvas, without a frame.
Reproductions of the same size, the same seal. Those. full identity is important. Fabriness. Circulation.
Reproductions of the painting are placed in even, rhythmic rows. Two - three rows horizontally. Columns consisting of 2 or 3 reproductions, respectively, should be placed a short distance from each other (half the size of the reproduction).
Reproductions should occupy all the walls of this room.
The size of the reproduction can be 40x40 or 60x60, but it is better than 50x50cm.
(Picture file in EPS or other format - will be provided)
If you have holes in your head you can fix them with books or studing courses


At the entrance to the hall you need the inscription "EXIT".
In the hall of any form, everywhere, hindering the passage, placed frames.
Frames of all shapes and sizes.
Framed floor. Framed floor. So, that frameworks act and about them it is possible to stumble. Frames are drawn (or colored tape created) on the walls. The frames lie on top of each other.
The frames hang from the ceiling.
The frame is from 30x30 to 200x200cm. Rectangular, square, curved, oblique. Paper, cardboard, metal, wooden, plastic, dirty, clean, shiny, matte, smooth, rough, bright, dim, striped, colored, monophonic. Any. The more options and sizes, the better.
Frames nalazayut each other. Frames interfere with themselves and create a rather impassable space for the viewer.
This thicket from the framework. Jungle.
Pass through them can only step over, passing through the framework, squeezing, grazing, pushing the frame, destroying them. Tearing, breaking, pushing.
If the hall is rectangular - it"s even better. Longer to go and more will have to be destroyed.
But the viewer himself must guess that the framework needs to be broken.

purview, outlook, horizon, ken, reach, eyesight


The hall is well lit from above and from the sides. Very good, bright, white light!
The whole area of the hall is occupied by a structure resembling a huge cellular structure. You can pass through it - there is a passage. Not very straight, a little zigzag, a labyrinth. You can get through - the cells are large. 50x50cm.
Cells are cubic in shape, of the same size. The cells are arranged in several rows. As if it were a lot of huge children"s cubes, from which only the ribs remained, and all faces (walls and inner contents) disappeared.
In the same room are scattered, leaning against the construction, may even crookedly lie on it transparent colored plastic squares, the size of a little less than the cell.
These squares can be inserted into the cells (there are fasteners in the cells).
If the viewer guesses and inserts a square into the design, the space will receive a colored spot because of the light passing through the square.
The viewer should thus guess and independently, with the help of colored light, to paint this hall. To create YOUR WORLD.

Author of the concept and pictures
Tatiana Sokolova

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