Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

NOT-ART machine

At the exhibition there is a machine, which has various control levers (steering wheel, helm, lever, etc.) that the visitor can control.
Above each control mechanism is written what it controls.

The mechanism of the machine is visible through a transparent wall.
It is isolated from both the control and the production part.
Taking the control lever, the visitor turn on the electrical circuit (as if clicking on the mouse button).
While the visitor touches the control lever, the machine works and the production part moves.
When released, the machine stops and the creation process stops.

The machine can produce anything:
Drawing with pencils (b / w, color)
Painting (acrylicic, watercolor, tempera, gouache, printer ink)
Ice cream or popcorn
Drawing on sand, flour, groats, dirt
Pouring out paints
Sculpture of clay or plasticine

The machine and the production part are pre-programmed for certain actions alternating in random order.

Thus, what the visitor receives in the production part has nothing to do with the efforts he made to the levers of management.

In fact, the visitor does not control anything.

The main objective of the exhibition is to show that we live in an illusory world.