Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova

Fast life

Fast life 1

In pursuit of the satisfaction of momentary needs with mediocre surrogates, we forget to live our own lives, create our own dishes, create and invent. We are turning into cogs of a vending machine, into the same marketing product as the product on the supermarket shelf. We waste time running in a wheel in pursuit of money, career, prestige.
And we forget to live our own lives. We forget to enjoy life. And our life turns into fast food near the marketing and advertising departments. A surrogate instead of a product.

Fast life 2

Fast life 3

Fast life 4

Personal exhibition "SmartArt". 2021. Lithuania. EU.
Personal exhibition "Retrospective. Favorites." 2021. Lithuania. EU.

Smart Art. Kas Vyksta Kaune. 23 march 2021 (Illustration)
Smart Art. Personal exhibition. Stay Happening. March 24, 2021 (Illustration)
Bendravimo būdas, kuriam nereikia vertėjo. Vilkmerge. 2021-04-03 (Illustration)
Apie bendravimo būdą, kuriam nereikia vertėjo.. Ukmergės žinios. April 16, 2021 (Illustration)
Akrolestos retrospektyva. Ukmergės renginių anonsai. 23 October 2021 г.
Искусство - свобода слова. LRT. Интервью и обзор выставки. 27.11.2021 (TV)