Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova



(Assemblage) 65x65cm. 2018

Old age. When you no longer wants to look the mirror . When the mirror reflects only wrinkles and scars.
When through age past merits and achievements shine.
When the image crumbles and disappears.

Senility (Version 2)

(Assemblage) 2018

Senility 2

Joint exhibition. 2018. Lithuania. EU.
Personal exhibition "SmartArt". 2021. Lithuania. EU.

Pirmasis Miesto šventės renginys - parodos atidarymas. Kc.ukmerge. May 2018 (Illustration)
Mirror of the world. Culture and art. 01 June 2019 (Illustration)
Reflections of the artist. Homsk media. 29 June 2019 (Illustration)
Reflections of the world. Syg.ma. 28 July 2019 (Illustration)