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For museums, galleries, contemporary art centers, exhibition organizers and biennale, art dealers, collectors

A gift from Acrolesta for museums and exhibitions.

You can place the work "Portrait in the Interior" for free in the exposition of your museum or exhibition.
The work should contain the title "Portrait in the Interior" and the author's designation - "The Acrolesta Project".
Please report on the implementation of the project.
Write tatiana777sokolova@gmail.com or 2336694@gmail.com if you want to get more gifts for your museum.
It's free.


The exhibition of works by Akrolesta (Tatyana Sokolova) can be organized in three ways.

Option 1. Exhibition of full-scale reproductions (for paintings)

After determining the subject of the exhibition and selection of works, the organizers are sent files of paintings in EPS and JPG format with the indication of the sizes and material on which you want to print reproductions.
In this case, the organizer receives a full-fledged exhibition and does not bear the costs of delivery and insurance of paintings, payment of travel expenses and residence of the artist and his team.
The artist's fee for the exhibition is discussed separately.

Option 2. Exhibition of original works (for paintings)

The organizer pays for the delivery and insurance of paintings (round-trip), pays for travel expenses and accommodation for the duration of the exhibition of the artist and his team (3 persons).
The artist's fee for the exhibition is discussed separately.

Option 3. Conceptual exhibition

This version of the exhibition can be realized in any space, depending on the context of the exhibition. All variants can be configured as a constructor for a specific place.
The costs of the organizers include the same expenditure as in option 1 - remote author's supervision, or as in option 2 - personal author's supervision.
In addition, depending on the specific concept, additional costs for materials for the creation of exhibition space may be required.
All these costs, as well as the artist's fee, are specified after determining the concept, style and size of the exposition.

At the moment, collections are available for exhibitions:

5. Exhibition BEYOND BORDERS in two versions - indoors and outdoors.

Full list of expositions here


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For museums, galleries, contemporary art centers, exhibition organizers and biennale, art dealers, collectors.

Для музеев, галерей, центров современного искусства, организаторов выставок и биенале, арт-дилеров, коллекционеров.


A gift from Acrolesta for museums and exhibitions

Подарок от Акролесты для музеев и выставок


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