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I invite everyone who wishes to participate in the art project "I'm from Earth"

Portraits, faces = people

Language = Culture

Cultures and people created this world

Not nations, not states

Earth is our common home for all cultures and all people.

I invite you to take part in the art project "I am from Earth"

To participate you need:

1. Write "I am from Earth" on a sheet of paper in your original language.
2. Take a picture with this words as shown on the sample.
3. Shoot a short video where you say I am from Earth in your own language.
4. Sign an agreement to let us use your image in art project "I am from Earth".
5. Scan or photograph the signed agreement.
6. Send the agreement with your photo or video file to akrolesta@gmail.com.
7. You will see the results here: akrolesta.art

(author of the project "I am from Earth").


Earth is our common home.

The goal of my project is to show different people, nationalities, tribes inhabit our planet.

"I am from Earth. You are from Earth. We are not strangers to each other."

In the framework of this art project, I plan to:
1. Make a movie
2. Hold exhibitions in different countries of the world
3. Post video and photo on website
4. Publish a book

I invite to cooperation all public and state organizations, museums and exhibition complexes.





Akrolesta - Artist Tatiana Sokolova


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